What is an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a of way of combining studying and work. Therefore you get a mix of on the job training and classroom learning. During an apprenticeship you’re employed to do the real job then one day a week you spend the day learning in either a college or training centre. Apprenticeships can last from one year to six depending on what level it is. The levels can range from 2-7 (GCSE – Degree).

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Why choose us


We believe our transparency helps us build stronger longer lasting relationships with our clients which is important to us.


Integrity is important to us because it’s the measure of which customers rely on when carrying out business with us.


Our passion for the training industry is what drives us here at Santos Training & Development. If we didn’t have it I’m not sure what we would be doing.


We constantly look for new better ways to improve our learners experiences.With the world around us changing so rapidly we must also change with it which means our techniques do as well.

Deep knowledge of the business

We make sure we have a deep knowledge of whatever field we are going to teach and we only hire the finest instructors and training officers.


We look at the ways we conduct ourselves and the process’ we use to provide our training. We do this because we are always on the look out for how we can cut down on unnecessary things and work more efficiently.

Our mission

Santos Training & Development’s mission is to provide the best quality training to help develop, inspire and support our learners. We aim to provide a dynamic and unique learning environment that is focused on the learners and getting them to achieve. We provide our services quickly and efficiently making sure to keep quality at the highest priority.

  • Focus on you
  • Self Improvement
  • High Quality
  • Constant Support
  • Being Unique
  • Efficiency

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