“ An investment in knowledge pays the best interest .”
Benjamin Franklin









Training for employersOur core values

Here at Santos Training & Development we believe in an honest approach to work. We put constant effort into developing our resources to ensure we are always delivering the best we can and to maintain the highest of standards ,which we are known for. We pride ourselves on our passion for the training industry. We always try to innovate and look for new better ways to learn, for us and our learners.


At Santos believe our transparency helps us build stronger longer lasting relationships with our clients which is important to us.



Integrity is important to us because it’s the measure of which customers rely on when carrying out business with us.



A passion for the training industry is what drives us here at Santos Training & Development. If we didn’t have it I’m not sure what we would be doing.



Here at Santos we constantly look for new better ways to improve our learners experiences.With the world around us changing so rapidly we must also change with it which means our techniques do as well.


Deep knowledge of the business

We make sure we have a deep knowledge of whatever field we are going to teach and we only hire the finest instructors and training officers.



Efficiency means we look at the ways we conduct ourselves and the process’ we use to provide our training. We do this because we are always on the look out for how we can cut down on unnecessary things and work more efficiently.


Looking for a First-Class Training Provider?

Some Facts

First of all our Training and Development gives you the employer the opportunity to increase the knowledge base of your employees. This in turn results in increased employee performance, stronger ability to locate weakness, enhancement of the company reputation or profile and the knowledge to be able to adhere to quality standards.

of employers tell us that apprenticeships deliver.
of apprentices felt that it had had a positive impact on their career.
of apprentices said it had improved their ability to do the job
Driving good | Training for employers

How Do I Know If Training Is Right For My Company?

Training is right for you and or your company if you like investing time and resources back into the company. Which in turn up skills and develops the workforce through education. Subsequently earning the business more money. 

All customers of any industry are now custom to rely on the best standard from all their suppliers and this can be achieved by delivering targeted training.

Santos employs very experienced training staff who will identify, with your assistance, the needs of the company. Therefore it will insure we can deliver the best training solutions. Subsequently moving the business forward in a manner that is focussed to enhance the needs and to assist in brining the company to its peak potential.