Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Driving Goods Vehicles

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Level 2 NVQ Certificate in Driving Goods Vehicles

The Driving Goods Vehicle NVQ is specific to vehicles including vans, rigid and articulated. It  has been designed to ensure your employees are competent in their role and are making the necessary checks to keep them and other road users safe, therefore preventing any unnecessary costs from roadside checks.

This course covers :

  • Preparing vehicles for driving
  • Protecting the vehicle and the load
  • Operating and monitoring the vehicle systems
  • Manoeuvring the vehicle in restricted spaces
  • Driving the vehicle on public roads in a safe and fuel-efficient manner
  • Ensuring the vehicle is loaded/unloaded correctly
  • Planning the route and timings for the collection and delivery of goods
  • Contributing to the provision of Customer Service the logistics operation
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Why should drivers undertake this qualification?

The DVSA stop more than 10,000 vans each year for roadside checks, costing business’ up to £4000 pounds per day (figure made up of on the spot penalties and lost revenues). More than 9 in 10 vehicles the DVSA stop are dangerously overloaded, while more than 6 in 10 have serious mechanical defects, which mean your drivers might not be able to carry on working that day.

However, rather than using a ‘big stick’ approach of prohibition notices and fines, the DVSA is focusing on operator and driver education and encouraging a self help attitude to improving safety and compliance.

The DVSA’s head of enforcement scheme, Gordon Macdonald, said that fleet operators and drivers could achieve much to improve compliance by copying the HGV sector and undertaking 10 minute walk round check on vehicles, focus on tyre break and bodywork condition before setting off on journeys.

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