Business Administration Level 2/3 Apprenticeship

How can a Business Administration Apprenticeship meet your needs ?

Business administrators need a broad range of skills to work efficiently and to help increase business productivity. Skills shortages identified by organisation include a lack of office and administration skills, customer-handling skills, technical and practical skills, oral communication skills and IT skills, all of which are covered within the Business Administration Apprenticeship framework.

The apprenticeship will be bespoke to your company and will enable your employee to choose the training to help them in their particular role.

Here are some examples :

  • Producing business documents 
  • Contributing to the organisation of events 
  • Developing and delivering presentations 
  • Providing reception services
  • Using and maintaining office equipment
  • Providing administrative support for meetings 
  • Using a variety of software packages 
  • Analysing and presenting business documents 
  • Managing projects
business administration level 2/3 apprenticeship

Whatever job role or sector a Business Administration Apprentice might work in, they will be learning and understanding the key concepts of business administration and how to apply these skills in the workplace.

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